Without an objective, no possible results

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How strange the way exterior events happen which do not change one’s life and how obvious the way one’s point of view is definitely all that matters and makes the real changes. Taking it voluntarily and out of laziness. I’m just not hardworking anymore. I’ve enjoyed the easy life, out of social misplacement. Had my share of happiness, good fortune, bad luck and misery.  Living life as it comes, as it is, not as it is supposed to be, or is dictated to be.


“Life has a meaning again”

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A new creation, even fictional, even ephemeral. Looking for new situations. And putting oneself in new states of being. By oneself? Because of the others? Events created out of everyday life, Re-enacted. Causes and consequences? Facts. If nothing never happens. What could happen? The era when everything happens, even the impossible.

Easy joke

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If everthing is written, I wonder in what language it can be.


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Things that used to be? Or things as they become necessarily, when they’re not destroyed?


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