High skies

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Forests and trees

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Foot steps

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Photographs taken in the Dunes of Corralejo, Fuerteventura, Canary Island in May 2017.

The light was incredibly beautiful at times. I hope I captured a little that changing, moving quality of the sun. A feeling of being in the desert. Memories of some of Antonioni’s works, on film and painting.

The colours, the minimal elements (blue sky, white clouds, white/yellowish sand, green and brown bushes), the various lines, the curves and rounded shapes of the dunes, the lack of perspective: these settings are perfect to create minimalist compositions and a photography which could also be a painting.

June and July will be showing posts of photographs, exclusively. No writing for a little while, no inspiration anyway.

One or the other

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To live, to take in all things and never question anything. To live a very abstract, wordy, conjectural kind of life.

Healthy mind

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When you believe you are managing because you are practising meditation, positive thinking and all that. But your body always knows what’s really going on inside of you, the body never lies.